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  • Date Updated: JUN-23-2016
  • Developer: LINE.

Talk with your friends from everywhere and express yourself!

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LINE is a multiplatform app with which you can chat with your friends and also call them via Internet. It provides the users with social and voice features, however, its main use is the text function. Besides, this app offers image sharing, information about your location, high quality calls but especially, message function in which you can add emoticons, emoji and stickers. This way you will have plenty of options at your disposal in LINE to express your feelings!

Another utility that LINE has is the option of leaving an audio message if the other person does not answer to your call. Besides, as social function, LINE has a Timeline in which you can express whatever you want, either by writing, adding a sticker or posting your location. Your contact will have the possibility of "Like" your post or comment about it. In addition, a notification will appear if you receive a call, a message or if there are updates. With this app you can download several apps of the same family. These ones are games or utilities such as cameras.

In order to get the PC application, before you have to get LINE installed in your mobile phone. Once you download and install it, you have to register your email address and introduce this address in the PC application. After that, all your contacts will be imported to your computer and you will be able to chat with them and add more contact but just with their LINE ID.

Several uses of this app

Thanks to its minimalistic and intuitive interface, you will have no problems to understand and get used to this application. Apart from this, one of its strongest points and a thing that makes the difference with other chat apps is its privacy. If you do not want, LINE will not show your mobile phone number to the other users you add as friends. Since there are other methods to add people apart from giving the phone number, this step is not necessary. Besides, LINE has very funny ways of adding people, for instance, if you and your friend shake your phones at the same time, you will get connected. Another way is via QR Code, one of the users generate a QR Code and the other just have to read it with his or her mobile. Finally, you can add people that you have in Facebook by synchronizing the accounts, or just adding the LINE ID of your friend.

As previously mentioned, you will have emoji and emoticons at your disposal to express yourself. However, the most used features, and also the most liked by the users are the Stickers. The Stickers are something like doodles, which represent several characters, as a rocker or a bunny. You can add those stickers to your conversation, and you have at your disposal default ones, which are unlimited. In addition, you will count with some that you can download, sometimes for free, but usually paying. These ones can be unlimited, or with expiration date, and usually new packs appear in special holidays like Halloween or Christmas. Sometimes, popular accounts such as Coca-Cola or Real Madrid give free stickers to those users who add them.

LINE 5.9.0 Features

The main features of LINE are listed below:

  • You can choose your theme: pink, green, brown, etc.
  • Emoji, Emoticons and Stickers available to express yourself
  • Your address book can be synchronized between your PC and your phone
  • Possibility of calling your contacts for free
  • Funny ways of adding contacts
  • The sharing of photos, video, and music is available
  • With LINE you can send your current location
  • Real Time confirmation when the other person reads the message

If you are interested in this app and you want to know more about LINE, please check the developer’s official website.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for LINE are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or a later version
  • Processor: @ 200MHz
  • RAM Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 35.4MB of space available

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